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Taking your vehicle abroad

For, hire purchase (including PCP) and rental/hire customers, per existing terms and conditions of Northridge agreements (see ‘Restrictions on Use of Goods etc’ condition), customers must not “take the Goods outside the United Kingdom without our [Northridge] prior written consent”. If you wish to request consent, please contact us via theContact Us section of this website.

Please note that vehicles / goods cannot be permanently taken outside of the United Kingdom.

For customers with personal loans, Northridge has no restrictions on the use of goods.

If consent is provided and goods are being taken outside of the UK, we would strongly recommend that you view the UK Government website for current information –  This includes information on:

  • Checking if you need an international driving permit (IDP)
  • Checking the overseas driving rules
  • Checking your insurance and whether you require a ‘green card’ from your insurer to drive abroad.  The Association of British Insurers website provides additional information if taking your vehicle to the EU
  • Towing trailers or caravans abroad.

Additional information on Brexit and Bank of Ireland Group can be found on the Bank of Ireland website at