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NIIB Group Limited (‘Northridge Finance’) Website Privacy Policy

As part of Bank of Ireland UK PLC, NIIB Group Ltd trading as Northridge Finance (‘Northridge Finance’) is committed to ensuring the privacy of your information.

We understand that as a customer or visitor using the Northridge Finance site, privacy and the security of your confidential information when online is very important to you. The purpose of our Website Privacy Policy is to outline how this website works and Northridge Finance’s practices in this area.

Some of the technical terms used in our privacy statement are explained at the end of this section.

The Information we collect

As you browse through our web site, our web server collects information about your visit, not about you personally. We gather and monitor statistics using Google Analytics, a popular web application provided by Google.

This information is anonymous and no attempt can be made to personally identify visitors at website user (visitor) level.  So, for example, on a specific day we can identify our site has welcomed forty thousand visitors though we will know nothing about these visitors in a personal context either in terms of their email, IP addresses or any other personal user (visitor) information.

Use of  ‘Cookies’

Google Analytics use cookies to help us analyse user behaviour across the site in order to improve the user experience.  Read more on how Google uses cookies on the Data Privacy & Security Policy.

For further information on our Cookie Policy please click here.

Cookies will not be used to contact you for marketing purposes.

Visitors can use this Website with no loss of functionality if cookies are disabled from the web browser.

Disclosure of Information

Northridge Finance will not divulge customer information to an authorised third party unless:

  • it has prior authorisation to do so, for example in relation to a product agreement with Northridge Finance.
  • it is required to do so by law, or other statutory requirement or instruction.

Security of Information

At Northridge Finance we understand how important the security and confidentiality of your information is to you. Keeping customers’ information secure is a top priority for Northridge Finance and as a responsible firm, we will only use your information in accordance with relevant privacy law.  Our goal is to protect your information on the Internet in the same way as we would if we held your information in any other format, for example paper based files.

To ensure the highest level of security of information passing between our customers and ourselves, Northridge Finance uses an SSL encryption method.  This scrambles information while it moves from one source to another to prevent the information being viewed or tampered with.

Some technical terms explained

Encryption: A method of scrambling information while it moves electronically from one place to another to prevent unauthorised persons from accessing its contents.

Secure Socket Layer (SSL): A form of encryption that protects information transmitted over the Internet.

Firewall: A method or tool, used to keep a computer network secure. Firewalls are common when giving users secure access to the Internet and when separating web servers from other networks.

Cookies: A “cookie” is a small text file or piece of information which a website places on your PC terminal so that it can later recognise you or your computer terminal when revisiting the same website.