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[testimonial]”Northridge have been a continuous preferred finance partner of The Donnelly Group for more than 15 years, which is remarkable in this highly competitive sector. Many finance companies have come and gone during these turbulent years but NIIB continue to excel at providing an efficient service and the correct range of products enabling Donnelly Group to grow to the position of largest privately owned motor company in Northern Ireland.” The Donnelly Group[/testimonial]

[testimonial]”Northridge are one of the best finance companies we have ever dealt with; not only are they highly competitive on rate, but they are very flexible and responsive to any system changes or other support issues that we may have.  Alan and his team have worked very hard at developing the relationship with our company.  I find them to be extremely professional and I have no hesitation in recommending Northridge.” E. Hawthorne B.A. C.A., Managing Director, Arnold Clark Automobiles Ltd. [/testimonial]

[testimonial]”We are delighted to have had Northridge Finance as 1st string finance partners since 2006. If you are looking for the Perfect Partner in finance to compliment your business I cannot recommend Northridge highly enough, keep up the great work.” Jim Reid, Director, Jim Reid Vehicle Sales Ltd[/testimonial]

[testimonial]”After many years of dealing with Northridge, I can honestly say they are one of the most consistent in our market at delivering a quality dependable service.  Their appetite for business has never faltered and together we have developed many quality relationships.  The people are there to help and if there has been a request outside of the ‘norm’ they have always strived to develop and deliver a solution.” Graham Thompson, Managing Director, Agnew Leasing[/testimonial]

[testimonial]”The Brindley Group have enjoyed a relationship with Northridge for over six years. We have found service levels and the acceptance rate to be first class and combined with the excellent service we receive locally from our account manager, this partnership is working well for us. Our account manager is a highly experienced ex Business Manager, and therefore can empathise with the staff in the showroom, providing valuable training as and when it is needed, whilst assisting management to develop the business. The feedback and training offered as a result is a valuable element of our relationship.” Shaun O’Donnell, Group F&I Manager, Brindley Garages Group [/testimonial]

[testimonial]”In this ever changing world it is good to have some constants. We have found that our long standing relationship with Northridge has endured as they continue to support us and our customers throughout the whole of the UK.  This has enabled us to trade with confidence knowing they are always open for business.” Damian Hughes, Managing Director, Fleet Financial[/testimonial]

[testimonial]”Having worked with the team at Northridge for over a decade, I feel we now know them very well.  In that time we have created a solid sustainable partnership to the benefit of JCT600, Northridge and importantly the end customer.  I feel they have listened and adapted to our needs and vitally to the changing regulatory environment, all in all a valuable partner to our business” Simon Barrass, Finance & Insurance Director, JCT600 Motor Group[/testimonial]

[testimonial]”The Perrys group have partnered with Northridge Finance for over 12 years now, and in that time we have got to know the business, and the Northridge team supporting us, very well. Northridge have been an excellent addition to the growth of F&I within Perrys, reacting quickly and effectively when asked, no matter the size of the challenge. What has put Northridge a step ahead recently is their embracement of ‘remote signing’ technologies for customers. Their process is really simple to follow, timesaving for both customers and our colleagues, and fits in perfectly with the ‘click to buy’ current approach of the motor industry.

I would recommend Northridge Finance, and their Key Account team, to any of their prospective partners.”  David Johnson, Finance and Insurance Director, Perrys Motor Sales[/testimonial]

[testimonial]”Our partnership with Northridge Finance extends to over 3 years now and continues to develop strongly as both sides work together to make enhancements to products and performance rather than just being a standard supplier / customer relationship. We have been able to develop the utilisation of products such as the Joint Venture financing to capture high qualify conversions to gain incremental margin and penetration. Within the partnership we continue to explore new opportunities with a transparent and positive approach from both businesses”  Richard Hubbard, Group F&I Director, Cambria Automobile PLC[/testimonial]

[testimonial]”Northridge Finance has been a trusted, reliable and valuable partner of our Group for over ten years. The flexibility of the Joint Venture product has helped increase finance penetration and income while remaining both competitive and customer friendly. The support we receive from both Head Office and the field is first class and gives us the confidence to continue growing our partnership.”  John Sampson, Director of Finance & Insurance, John Clark Motor Group[/testimonial]

[testimonial]”At Asset Finance Solutions we value the consistent first class service coupled with the competitive pricing that Northridge provides. We find them very easy to do business with and that really helps us maintain strong customer relationships.” Nick Simpson, Asset Financial Solutions[/testimonial]

[testimonial]”What you get with Northridge is a competitive consistency in exchange for high quality business.  They offer an extremely well priced facility and quick predictable and reliable underwriting and payouts.  In return they want uncomplicated prime business.  The relationship is clear and perfect for us at DSG Financial Services.” Richard Hoggart, CEO, DSG Financial Services Ltd.[/testimonial]

[testimonial]”Rural Finance have dealt with Northridge since 2005; they have worked with us to provide us with the tools necessary to improve our business and increase the profitability of both Companies. This has come in the form of improved IT and communication, but also breaking down the barriers to enable us to do different deals for our existing customers. This relationship will continue to grow and we are now working on an interface to further improve deal times and pay-outs. Without Northridge working with us our business would definitely not be as successful as it is right now.”  Rex Tattersall, Director, Rural Finance Ltd.[/testimonial]

[testimonial]”We have dealt with Northridge for a number of years.   Their rates are competitive, pay-outs are quick and the online e-doc system makes life very easy for both the dealer and the customer.  The Territory Manager and Regional Manager call regularly to assist with queries and training for our large sales team, with a focus on good customer outcomes.  In addition, the staff at Head office are very helpful.  All in all this is a successful two way partnership which both ourselves and Northridge value.” Paul Campion, General Manager, Fords of Winsford [/testimonial]

[testimonial]”We have been in partnership with Northridge Finance for a number of years and have always found them to be extremely flexible with their various finance schemes, and find that their operations and professionalism throughout is often unrivalled.” Ian Hatswell, Sales Manager, Barretts Honda [/testimonial]

[testimonial]”As a new dealer for some months now our dealings with Northridge have been very good, with all transactions having been dealt with quickly and efficiently and we will continue to work with Northridge moving forward.” Martin Drape, General Sales Manager, David James Ltd.[/testimonial]

[testimonial]”Our first three years of partnership with Northridge Finance have been a great success for the Hendy group.  The Joint Venture profit sharing agreement is a fantastic tool for franchised dealer groups, allowing us to maximise our finance penetration while supporting the customer journey. The Northridge Key Account team fully embody the spirit of partnership and ‘co-operation led’ relationship management. They work hard to come up with solutions to challenges that benefit all parties-the funder, the dealer and most importantly our end user customer.

The Hendy group value Northridge as a key finance partner, and look forward to continue working with them in the future.”  Tim Ward, Head of Finance and Insurance, Hendy Motor Group[/testimonial]

[testimonial]”We have been dealing with Northridge now for over 15 years and we have a good mutual understanding of our respective business’s which helps us to provide our customers with excellent finance packages to help them drive the car of their dreams.  Northridge provide excellent service to us from throughout their business, be it from the processing and pay-out departments to the account managers.  We have been very lucky to have dealt with some great people in their team who are very much committed to helping both ourselves and our customers. Keep up the good work and I am sure we will be working together for many more years.” Morrison Motors Turriff [/testimonial]

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