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This page is in relation to an enquiry for customers who may have made regarding a Northridge agreement and discretionary commission.  In order for us to respond fully and to complete necessary customer checks, we require additional information. Please can you click on the form below and populate as much information to assist us in dealing with your enquiry. We understand you may not have all information at hand but the more information you can provide, the more likely we will be able to carry out the necessary customer checks.

Any information you share with us will be used only for the purpose of processing your commission enquiry. If you share your personal information with us, we will manage it in line with Northridge’s Privacy Notice. You can read our Privacy Notice here.

    Current Contact Information

    This section is in relation to current contact information should we need to get in touch with you further.

    Information about your finance agreement and/or the car purchased

    This section is in relation to the finance agreement and car purchase. Please provide as much information as possible.

    Information about you from when your finance agreement was arranged

    Use this section to populate information as it applied at the time (for example you may have lived at a different address, or had a different phone number), please provide as much information as possible.