“What you get with Northridge is a competitive consistency in exchange for high quality business.  They offer an extremely well priced facility and quick predictable and reliable underwriting and payouts.  In return they want uncomplicated prime business.  The relationship is clear and perfect for us at DSG Financial Services.” Richard Hoggart, CEO, DSG Financial Services Ltd.

“We have been in partnership with Northridge Finance for a number of years and have always found them to be extremely flexible with their various finance schemes, and find that their operations and professionalism throughout is often unrivalled.” Ian Hatswell, Sales Manager, Barretts Honda

“Northridge Finance has been a trusted, reliable and valuable partner of our Group for over ten years. The flexibility of the Joint Venture product has helped increase finance penetration and income while remaining both competitive and customer friendly. The support we receive from both Head Office and the field is first class and gives us the confidence to continue growing our partnership.”  John Sampson, Director of Finance & Insurance, John Clark Motor Group

“The Brindley Group have enjoyed a relationship with Northridge for over six years. We have found service levels and the acceptance rate to be first class and combined with the excellent service we receive locally from our account manager, this partnership is working well for us. Our account manager is a highly experienced ex Business Manager, and therefore can empathise with the staff in the showroom, providing valuable training as and when it is needed, whilst assisting management to develop the business. The feedback and training offered as a result is a valuable element of our relationship.” Shaun O’Donnell, Group F&I Manager, Brindley Garages Group 

“We have been dealing with Northridge now for over 15 years and we have a good mutual understanding of our respective business’s which helps us to provide our customers with excellent finance packages to help them drive the car of their dreams.  Northridge provide excellent service to us from throughout their business, be it from the processing and pay-out departments to the account managers.  We have been very lucky to have dealt with some great people in their team who are very much committed to helping both ourselves and our customers. Keep up the good work and I am sure we will be working together for many more years.” Morrison Motors Turriff

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